This is One Gamble That’s Sure to Pay Off With Your Wedding Guests

Some say the wedding is about the happy couple and we’ve all heard someone say ‘It’s the bride’s day’. But what about the guests? I am often asked by brides and grooms what, if any, entertainment should be provided at a wedding so I thought I’d share my favourite solution so far with you all.


I’ve definitely heard from brides and grooms that more and more couples are having to get creative with what they do with their guests. After all, there’s the ceremony, drinks, photographs, reception, the sit-down meal and the dancing. But what will your guests do in between these scheduled events?

My suggestion: Gamble, of course!

That’s right. My research shows that Wedding Casino Tables are a sure-fire winner, adding a touch of Monte Carlo class to your wedding reception.

Allow time for every man to make a quip about James Bond.

How it works:

Using fun money, professional croupiers will hand out $50 notes to wedding guests.  When they are ready to play, guests will exchange their fun money for chips at the Blackjack, Roulette or Poker tables and from there on play like a real casino with the same rules as real casinos (allow time for every man to make a quip about James Bond).

At the end of the casino session the croupiers work out who amongst your guests has won the most and you can provide a fun prize for the top player. The casino is a great source of entertainment for weddings, and guests of all ages will have a great laugh at the tables learning the rules and trying out winning strategies.

It may seem crazy, but hiring engaging kit for your guests (like photobooths or casino tables) not only allows them to keep busy between wedding events, but also means they’ll likely remember your wedding in a positive way!

So if you’re starting out on your wedding journey consider the possibility of entertainment for your guests. And if you need any tips on where to find recommended companies, I can definitely help with that, no worries!

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