Removing Your Make Up Using The Magic Mit

It is super important to ensure you’re removing all of your make up before you go to sleep at night. By sleeping in make up you’re at risk to skin irritation, acne, dry skin, quicker aging and eye infections – just to name a few!

You may be thinking, ‘I remove all of my make up anyway’, and although that may be the case, are you confident you are removing every last bit? In my latest video I demonstrate the advantages of using the Jane Iredale Magic Mit, compared to your average face wipe.

I’ve used Jane Iredale products for this tutorial. We don’t get paid to promote these products, we simply use them because they are quality products that are in line with our own ethos.

The products I have used to demonstrate the importance of removing all make up from the skin were:

  • Magic Mit
  • Decleor Aroma Cleanse Toning Lotion
  • Decleor Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Milk

All of which can be purchased in the Peake Spa here at SbN, or visit the Jane Iredale website here.

Thanks for watching – I hope this helps you with your beauty/skincare routine!

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