The Perks of a Winter Wedding

You’re probably thinking a winter wedding; won’t that be cold? And yes, it probably will be a bit chilly, especially if you decide to get married here in the UK. But I promise you, there are some real perks to having a winter wedding, especially if you want to make the most out of your budget!

Winter wedding bouquet


The most important and stand out benefit of a winter wedding for me, is the cost. Winter weddings can be significantly cheaper those held in the summer.

In the UK people spend on average a whopping £24,000 on their wedding! So, if you think about it, how much more could you get for a budget like that, by having your wedding between October and March? Whether it’s being able to invite more friends and family, the dream venue you didn’t think you could afford, more money to spend on the honeymoon the list goes on!

Most venues offer cheaper packages in the winter months when the hotels and venues aren’t in their peak seasons. It works as a win-win situation, a hotel fills its bedrooms and function rooms, and you get your dream wedding at a fraction of the cost.

Are you sold yet? No worries if not, we’ve got more perks…

…let’s face it, who needs the extra stress when you’re planning one of the biggest days of your life?


The competition for sought after venues in peak season can be ruthless. And let’s face it, who needs the extra stress when you’re planning one of the biggest days of your life? One of the greatest benefits of a winter wedding, is that you have little to no competition for your perfect venue.

It’s not just the venues that have more availability in the winter, but there’s the photographer, the band and even your guests – you don’t have to worry about half of your friends and family being on their summer holidays!

Photo opportunities 

I am more than aware that most of us would like the typical summery backdrop for our wedding photos. But let’s be realistic, in the UK we can’t even guarantee that for a wedding in August!

Imagine how beautiful your wedding pictures will look with the light frost of November, or even a dusting of snow in January in the background? The photo opportunities can be so unique and will help you to remember your special day for a lifetime.

Something different 

Everyone wants their wedding to be remembered, and stand out from the crowd, after all, you’re spending a fortune on it! What better way to do it than have it when no one else is? Yours won’t just be another wedding, on another weekend in July, yours will be the only wedding your guests will be attending for months.

If you’re planning a wedding and I’ve swayed you to consider having yours in the winter, then get in touch to find out about the winter wedding opportunities here at Stoke by Nayland hotel.

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