Hot Stones - A Little Insight

Now the summer is over, and the kids are back to school, you can finally get a chance to have some ‘me time’ again and recharge your batteries. A great way to do this, is by heading to the spa and indulging in one of my absolute favourites – a hot stone massage!

Hot Stones Massage Spa

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage is a special massage using smooth heated stones to release tension, soothe aches and rebalance your energy levels.

What happens during a Hot Stone Massage? 

Smooth flat, heated stones are warmed up in water to around 50 – 60 degrees and placed on specific parts of your body to ease tense muscles and help you to relax.

Did you know: Because stones are formed by volcanic action and are a natural element to the earth – using stones in a massage keeps you in harmony with the energy around you, which is why it benefits your mind as well as your body!

What does it feel like?

This treatment is SO relaxing and surprisingly comfortable. The heat is blissful and the stones feel smooth and silky on your skin!  The longer the stones are on the skin, the deeper the heat spreads on the body, joints and muscles – which is a soothing and relaxing comfort needed, especially if you’re feeling stressed or a bit under the weather (which we all do sometimes!).

Did you know: Every one stroke of a heated stone is equivalent to five strokes of a therapist’s hand!

What are the health benefits? 

Did you know: The powerful energy of the stones is known for its ability to make you feel more rejuvenated in your mind, body and spirit.

Not only is a hot stone massage blissfully relaxing, it has added health benefits including:

  • Reducing levels of stress and anxiety
  • Promoting sleep
  • Easing muscle tension

If your curious and want to try this treatment out, our Hot Stone Massage treatment at Peake Spa, also includes your choice of balm to warm and further soothe the body and mind. You will choose the balm that appeals the most to your senses – which means you can enjoy and benefit from it even more!

I hope you’re now clued up on how fantastic these massages are. If you find it helpful feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones!

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