Dare To Go Darker With Your Lipstick

This is a great time of year to experiment with your makeup, especially using slightly darker and bolder colours.

Red lipstick is perfect for the Autumn/Winter months, with festive parties and celebrations what better way to complement your LBD than a bold lipstick? Watch the tutorial to find out how to get the look yourself:

For this look I’ve used these Jane Iredale products:

  • Lip liner – Rose
  • Lipstick – Annette
  • Gloss – Black Cheery

The products used can be purchased in the Peake Spa or you can find them on the Jane Iredale website here.

I love Jane Iredale products, we are not paid to promote them we use them because we feel they are quality products and in line with our ethos here at Peake Spa. However, a similar look can be achieved using high-street products.

Happy experimenting!

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