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Golf Course Reopening Policy

Important guidelines for our reopening to allow for social distancing.

To Commence Monday 8th June

The following is designed to once again, lay out all of the necessary restrictions that will remain at the golf club to ensure social distancing is achieved at all times. We all have a responsibility, so please do what you can to avoid giving this dangerous virus opportunity to breed and spread.

Our intention here is to allow golfers to enjoy our fantastic facility whilst maintaining their, and our, own staff safety. When you are at the golf facility, you must socially distance at all times. This means no closer than 2 metres from another person. In the car park, please park a safe distance away from any other cars.

The golf corridor will be used to gain access to the courses. Locker rooms will remain open for toilet facilities only. The 1 way system to and from the courses will remain.

Players will queue in front of the main hotel utilising the turning circle in front of the main doors. Signage will be present to guide you to the relevant holding area before the starter moves you through the building.

Self-policing will again be invaluable. The golf club will operate with a small number of staff and therefore we are reliant on golfers to ensure they follow the protocols in this document. Failing to do so could see a further closure of the facilities. We are aware of clubs nationally that have been fined for non–compliance.

The starter in place is key to maintaining a constant flow of golf. The starter will continue to manage the flow of golfers from the car park through to the golf area. Only when we are ready, the starter will ask you to proceed. Please be aware that this may mean you are delayed in relation to your actual tee time.

The staggered opening of golf courses will remain.

Course One8am7am
Course Two10am7am
  • Course access

    To access the course, a player must:

    • Be an active member, or a paying visitor
    • Not have been out of the country for over 14 days
    • Not be in self-isolation and not required to shield
    • Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms
    • Have a pre-reserved tee time, If you do not have a booking, you will not be able to play
    • Bookings should be made online where possible. Use https://www.sbngolfmembers.co.uk/ to book. Your membership number can be found on the front of your members card. If you do not have booking access, please contact Karl on karl.hepple@stokegolfandleisure.com
    • One person may book one tee time per day
    • Golfers should travel to the club alone, or with a member of the same household
    • Members who reserve tee times and do not use them may be sanctioned for doing so
    • Driving range will be open. Please follow signage displayed in the facility
    • A limited number of buggies will be available daily. They must be pre-booked and pre-paid
  • Arrival

    • Players to remain in (or next to) their cars until 15 minutes prior to their starting time
    • When ready, check in with the starter (whilst socially distancing) who will be located at the entrance to the main hotel. They will proceed to reiterate player requirements
    • Play in groups of no more than two unless members of the same household
    • The normal system for “weekend roll up” will not be in operation. Tee times may be booked instead using the same 14 day timeline
    • When heading to the tee, do so promptly without stopping and gathering with others
    • F&B options will be available. Please do not gather around these areas.
  • The golf course

    • No more than four people on the putting green at one time
    • Players may only start from the 1st tee of each course
    • All course furniture will be removed from the courses
    • Social distancing on tees, greens and throughout the rounds
    • White, Green and Yellow tees will be in play
    • Players will pick & place in bunkers. Rake the sand in the bunker with a club or your shoe
    • Flags must not be touched or moved but will be in place
    • Ball collection instruments will be in play in flag holes. Please do not abuse the instruments
    • Golf buggies restricted to one person only, unless shared with a member of the same household
    • Golfers should only pick their own ball up
    • Handle your own scorecard only
    • Do not use ball cleaners
    • You may not play through the group in front providing you do so responsibly
    • Toilets will be temporarily absent from the Constable Course. Gainsborough will remain open as normal
  • After your round

    • The Sports Bar is open for table service for food and beverage.
    • We are currently sharing our menus via a QR code. This is advertised on your table. Printed copies of our menus are available upon request. If you need any help with ordering, please ask a member of our team.
    • Social distancing measures are in place both inside the Sports Bar and outside on our Sports Bar terrace.
    • No handshakes on 18th green (do not hand over money either??)
    • Do not use airlines for cleaning shoes or equipment following the round
    • Players should use hand sanitiser on the way round and at the end
    • If you purchase a drink at the takeaway bar after your round, please do not continue to stay around for an excessive amount of time

It’s important to stress that similar to phase 1, we rely on 100% compliance from all golfers that book to play at SbN.

Please, for the good of your safety, other people’s safety and the future of the golf club, follow the guidelines put in place.

If you have any further queries please contact Karl via email – karl.hepple@stokegolfandleisure.com

The best deals only when you book direct

Reasons to Book Direct

The best deals and perks only when you book your hotel stay direct


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