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Keeping motivated on your fitness journey isn’t always easy. Group fitness classes are a great way to regain focus and keep up the momentum with a group of like-minded individuals. At Peake Fitness, we now offer over 40 classes per week ranging from high-intensity classes such as Spinn and HIIT to lower intensity classes like Aqua and Pilates.

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Boxercise Classes - Peake Fitness
  • Les Mills

    Body Balance

    Body Balance uses classic moves from yoga, Pilates and martial arts to create a class that uses routine with music to deliver a top-class Les Mills class.

    Body Attack

    Body Attack is a high-energy Les Mills experience that combines athletic training with choreographed routines to create a complete fitness session.

    Body Pump

    Body Pump offers a full-body Les Mills barbell workout, using uplifting music to bring you beyond your perceived capabilities.

  • Peake led


    High-Intensity Interval Training includes many formats, in the end, you’ll take part in a short and sweaty cardio class.


    Legs Bums and Tums will focus on those important areas, focusing on your hip movements, efficient core training, growing your posterior chain.

    Stability Ball

    Stability Ball has a key focus on stability and strength exercises utilising important movements using the Swiss Balls.


    Spinn is cycling choreography with varying tempos, rhythms and excellent music playlists to get you in touch with some simple but effective cardio.


    BattleFit focuses on your primal training, getting you fit using your own body, knowing how to move quickly and efficiently. Taking inspiration from military training methods which create the strongest, fittest version of yourself.


    BoxFit will teach you the correct form to efficiently utilise your footwork and punching combos, glove up a step outside your comfort zone.


    Kettlebells will simplify your training, create ultimate stability and give you the exact quick workout you need for full-body mastery.


    Bootcamp is a bespoke functional fitness session that will focus on full-body routines to complete your ability to move fast and correctly.


    20/20/20 is the perfect full-body session, as the name suggests it’s 20 minutes of strength, core training and cardio.

    Abs & Back

    Abs & Back is your quick blast session to target the important areas for your physique.


    SwimFit is a unique class as it takes place in our top-grade pool on site. Our instructors will give you coaching advise and teach you new stokes, training techniques and assist in your swimming capabilities.


    DanceFit is our contemporary, freestyle and choreographed instructor-led dancing session. Find your inner boogie and have fun while getting fit.

  • Stretch


    Yoga will give you a physique that’ll be stronger, more flexible and extremely stable. Learn how to move correctly and control your body.


    Pilates will help you build a strong mind-muscle connection to your postural muscles, trunk and core muscles.


    Aqua is a choreographed aerobic session that takes place in our top-grade pool on site. Test your ability to exercise in the water, and have fun!

  • Run club

    Run club

    Run Club, as the name suggests is a group fitness running session taking you off-site to our beautiful local scenery. Explore while exercising and step towards something new.


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