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Whether you’re looking for a relaxing Indian Head Massage or a Sports Massage to help with your aches and pains from the gym, our range of therapeutic massages will leave you feeling like new. Take a look at them in more detail and find the perfect one for you.

Head Massage
Massage Oil
Shell Massage - Stoke by Nayland
  • Therapeutic Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - £35.00

    A deeply relaxing treatment combining lavender and camomile oils to work away stress and tension.
    25 minutes, add Hot Stones for £5.00

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  • Sports Massage - from £35.00

    Targets specific muscle groups before and after exercise and aids in the recovery of sports injuries.
    25 minutes, £35.00
    55 minutes, £55.00

  • Lava Shells Back Massage - £42.00

    This indulgent back massage uses naturally heated Lava Shells to penetrate the key muscles in the back, neck and shoulders to release tension, knots and stiffness.

    Enjoy the rich aroma of the massage oils as the Lava Shells glide across your back and soothe your aching muscles. A perfect treatment to promote relaxation, improve wellbeing and create a sense of balance between body and mind.

    25 minutes

  • Therapeutic Back, Face & Scalp Massage - £45.00

    A massage covering all the main areas of tension in the body.
    40 minutes

  • Indian Head Massage - £45.00

    A stimulating head and shoulder massage ideal for individuals who suffer with migraines, eye-strain, stress and fatigue. Not suitable in conjunction with any other massage treatment.
    40 minutes

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  • Therapeutic Full Body Massage - £55.00

    A relaxing massage that aids circulation and lymphatic drainage, promoting a state of calm. Helps to reduce stress and tension.
    55 minutes

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  • Lava Shells Full Body Massage - £62.00

    This blissfully relaxing, full body massage uses Lava Shells with a natural, biodegradable heat technology that targets key pressure points and tension areas to ease stress and stiffness. As you lay back and close your eyes the Lava Shells seamlessly glide over the skin to soothe aching muscles and re-energise the body. You’ll leave the spa feeling deeply relaxed, recharged, and revived.

    55 minutes

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  • Little Butterfly London Prenatal Massage - £75.00

    For tired and stressed mums-to-be, this heavenly Prenatal Massage from Little Butterfly London is an absolute must!

    In this 85-minute treatment, you will delight in a relaxing full-body massage with Little Butterfly’s Fall into Dreams Mother & Baby Massage Oil to soothe and relieve the stresses and strains that come as part and parcel of pregnancy. For those experiencing difficulty sleeping or suffering from aches, pains or puffiness, this massage gives you the time you need to rest, restore, revitalise and promote peaceful sleep.

  • Little Butterfly London Postnatal Massage - £75.00

    A beautifully nurturing treatment to help new mum’s, Little Butterfly London’s Postnatal Massage has been created to give you the real tender loving care you deserve after going through the physical and emotional toll of pregnancy.

    This soothing treatment uses gentle massage to calm the mind and relive post-natal symptoms such as lack of sleep, any pains and achiness, and excess fluid in the body. A beautifully fragrant serum and massage oil will be carefully applied to the skin while you lay back and relax. You’ll come out of your treatment feeling seriously pampered and ready to focus on the task at hand, bringing up your newborn baby.

    85 minutes


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