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Beauty Despite Cancer

Jennifer Young

The Jennifer Young range of beauty products and spa treatments have been specially designed for those undergoing or recovering from cancer treatments.

Beautifully gentle and soothing, these treatments promote rest and relaxation to bring a sense of harmony and improve well-being.

The products used are 100% natural and organic, perfect for those suffering with dry or itchy skin, and leave you revived and glowing with radiance.

  • Jennifer Young Time Precious Facial (25 mins) - £39.00

    A blissfully relaxing facial that’s individually adapted to bring harmony to even the most sensitive of skin types. Soothing massage techniques help you drift away into relaxation, leaving your mind rested and your complexion glowing with radiance.

  • Jennifer Young Absolute Relaxer Facial (55 mins) - £65.00

    Bring the glow of health and harmony back to your skin with this extra indulgent facial. Using 100% natural and organic products specially chosen for our skin type this treatment will leave you feeling radiant and replenished. Your specialist therapist may extend the treatment to include the scalp making the experience even more indulgent.


  • Jennifer Young Indulgent Back Massage (25 mins) - £39.00

    A bespoke massage carefully adapted by our therapists to suit the needs of each individual. Using 100% natural and organic oils this treatment is ideal for those with very sensitive skin. Combined with the power of touch, this gentle but soothing massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed with a new sense of harmony and wellbeing.

  • Jennifer Young Indulgent Full Body Massage (55 mins) - £65.00

    Let the power of touch bring you harmony and well-being. This deeply indulgent massage uses 100% natural and organic oils that are specially adapted to suit your skin type. The oils not only soothe dry or sensitive skin but also guide you into a relaxation with their beautiful scents. Combined with the gentle massage delivered by your Specialist Therapist, you will leave feeling radiant, revived and deeply relaxed.

  • Jennifer Young Top to Toe (85mins) - £80.00

    This top-to-toe experience includes a soothing full body massage followed by a deeply relaxing facial using 100% natural and organic products that have been beautifully designed for dry or sensitive skin. A proper chance to relax for someone who is undergoing or recovering from cancer treatments.


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