Five of the WORST Things to do on a Golf Course

When you think of etiquette do you imagine debutants learning which cutlery to use for which dinner course or how to walk in a pair of heels? Well the sport of golf has etiquette too – it has been around since the 1500s after all!

I often find myself being stopped in the hallway by a beginner golfer keen to hit the greens but concerned about the length of their socks or whether SbN Golf Club allows jeans, for example. This got me thinking, the clothing no-no’s seem to be fairly well known but do people know of the other aspects of etiquette that pertain to golf?

Below I’ve listed five things that you should avoid doing on any golf course. Theory-wise, avoiding these things will mean you have an enjoyable round whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

Male golfer on golf course

1) Slow play

Two words: avoid it. People moan about slow golfers because they can literally stop you from playing, thus disrupting the flow of your round. The alternative to stopping play would be launching a golf ball into the back of someone’s head and that is an obvious no-no.

2) Not allowing golf groups to overtake

Keep your wits about you while you play your round. If you notice a group gaining on you, let them past. Pretending there is no problem causes nothing but conflict and allowing groups to play past you diffuses the situation and let’s everyone get on with their own pace of play. Good sportsmanship is about patience and sharing the court/field/course, right?

3) Tearing up the greens

It’s a pretty simple idea that if you tear up a lump of turf, try your best to put it back! It takes all of 10 seconds to put your divot back. The groundskeeper will thank you and you’re doing your part to keep a beautiful course looking good.

While we’re on this point, it shows poor sportsmanship to throw your clubs, swear or pull a John McEnroe. (See point 4.)

4) Aggressive and dangerous behaviour aka ‘The John McEnroe’

So you flubbed your shot and you’re in a bad position for your next swing. You need to let off some steam – what would John McEnroe do, you muse? It’s true that ‘YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!’ (McEnroe’s catchphrase) seems relevant to any sport where blunders equal frustration.

One of the best pieces of advice to follow is not to take your game too seriously. After all, isn’t it supposed to be fun?

5) Excessive alcohol consumption

Golfers, I’m by no means saying don’t enjoy a couple brandies or beers on your day out on the courses. However, you are swinging metal clubs with the intent to collide with a solid object that then travels in excess of 80mph. Oh and you might also be operating a vehicle during the course of the day as well. Save some of your drinking for the 19th hole – our Clubhouse overlooks both 18thgreens so you don’t have to miss out on the golfing atmosphere at all.

There you have it. Follow these guidelines and you’re sure to have a smashing day out regardless of your score at the end of the round.

Remember, if you have any questions about golf etiquette my team and I are always around. See you out there!

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