Why Women Make Great Golfers

With the LETAS coming up, I thought I’d focus on why women make great golfers.

Women and golf have a mixed history together, and it’s not always been particularly complimentary towards the female sex. But here I take a look at some natural tendencies that may lend themselves to make a woman really enjoy golf.

All of this is open to discussion to please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box! Oh, and don’t get me wrong – I hold no bias – all golfers are worthy in my opinion, regardless of their gender!


In many cases (though not all, of course) women’s joints and muscles are more flexible. This can be a disadvantage in terms of control, but with the right training it could be incredibly beneficial as the muscles can be utilised to their best potential by shaping that flexibility to exacting standards.

Learning to Play Golf as a Group

In my own experience, women tend to prefer to be tutored for golf in groups when they first take an interest. The group element can actually be very rewarding due to social constructivism – which basically means there’s more pros and cons to learn not only from your own efforts, but also from watching other’s efforts too. Social constructivism is very interesting subject in general and can be used to really improve anyone’s game. Check out a bit more about it here.

The Bigger Picture

Again, in my own experience, women are more likely to want to understand the bigger picture with their golf practises, so if I give them multiple things to aim for within their technique, they are more likely to try and adjust all aspects each time, making for a more rounded technique.

Well there you have it. Maybe the gents should watch out! After all we welcome all golfers at Stoke by Nayland and we also host the LETAS, so there’s definitely a chance you might run in to a champion level female golfer before you know it!

If you want to find other golf hints, tips and discussions, be sure to check out the rest of my posts. Why not even try nosing at the SbN blog in general? There’s loads of interesting stuff on there that there’s bound to be something for everyone. Catch you soon!

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