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This is Exactly What It’s Like to Have a Neom Well-Being Spa Treatment…

Best known in the beauty world for its gorgeously scented home fragrances, natural wellbeing company Neom Organics London has gone from strength to strength since its creation in 2005. The brand was founded by Nicola Elliott, a former glossy magazine journalist who retrained as an aromatherapist to help women handle the stresses and strains of everyday life. Neom is now one of the fastest growing wellbeing brands in the UK and is dedicated to inspiring women to lead healthier lives.

Neom mission has always been to create scents that can influence our emotions for the better, and what started as natural skin products and home fragrances has now branched out into spa treatments targeted to boost the body and mind. Currently, there are four Neom experiences to choose from (called Happiness, De-Stress, Energise, and Sleep) and each one features a specially crafted scent and special techniques that work to improve your mood, lift your energy levels, or calm your body and mind.

Here, we’re going to take you through the 90-minute Neom Happiness Treatment, what it involves, what you can expect, and how you’ll really feel by the end of it…

A Multisensory Experience

Neom’s Happiness treatment starts as soon as you enter the candle lit room and inhale the intoxicating scent of lemons, oranges, and white neroli. As you lay back and get comfortable on the bed, your therapist spritzes the scent around the room and a voice welcomes you to your treatment and guides you to breath in.

As you inhale the beautiful aromas slowly and deeply the therapist moves around your body, lightly massaging pressure points on the temples, wrists and ankles, and performing a therapeutic reflexology routine on the feet.

Once the guided meditation ends the body treatment begins. First, you are treated to an invigorating scrub with Neom’s Great Day exfoliator. This sugary goodness, which smells deliciously of mandarin and mint, is smoothed on to your whole body to get your blood circulation flowing, make your skin silky smooth, and leave you feeling incredibly uplifted.

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After the scrub has been applied you step into the shower to rinse away the remains, and on your return, you sink back down on to the bed to begin the massage.

Neom’s Scent to Make You Happy Oil, which contains a supercharged blend of argan oil mood-boosting essential oils, is drizzled all over your skin and used to give you a truly unique experience. The massage combines a variety of different techniques, from shiatsu to acupressure, Thai, and more, and uses varying pressure – from light and gentle to firm and strong – to give you an intensely therapeutic treatment that leaves you smiling from head to toe.

As the therapist works her way around the body you feel your limbs start to relax and loosen, as the massage works its magic releasing endorphins and boosting your mood. The Happiness treatment also involves a stomach massage, which helps balances your energy flow, and a scalp and face massage to de-stress and delight.

As the treatment comes to an end you emerge from the room feeling happier and lighter, more mellow and serene, and with that uplifted floating feeling that comes from only the very best massages.

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