Take a Swing at Winter Golf

Winter isn’t generally considered the best time for you to be playing golf, but there are a number of reasons why you should get out on the golf course over the next few months.

Why winter?

  • Generally the courses are quieter giving you more time to go round the course
  • You can grab a great deal on golf breaks and green fees
  • Chance to practice new ideas ready for next season
  • There is also a lot of golf-wear designed for winter golfing, to help you play better this time of the year.

Top tips for winter golf

  1. 1. Widen your stance – By widening your stance you will generally shallow your angle of attack in to the ball, so taking less turf.

2. Move the ball forward – Whilst putting on softer greens moving the ball forward in your stance will give you an upward strike, which will get the ball rolling better.

3. Buy a winter hat – Over half of our body heat is lost through our head, so make sure your kitted to go out in the winter weather so you’re able to keep concentrated!

4. Have a realistic goal and stick to it – It’s obvious that your scores will differ in cold weather than in warm weather – so don’t have your expectations too high, or it could be a frustrating round of golf.

Playing well in the cold comes down to adapting your skills to the conditions of the course, in turn it can be a challenging but fun experience for everyone and why shouldn’t golf be just a summer hobby?

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