4 Spa Treatments for Men That He Will Absolutely Love

While spas may have been largely stereotyped as a place only women enjoy, this is far from the reality. In truth, a large majority of men probably love to indulge in a spa experience. And why shouldn’t they? Who doesn’t love to be pampered?!

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There are many treatments that are geared towards men exclusively, and with reason, men may love to be pampered but they do sometimes have different needs than women. However, ultimately, any treatment that a woman has is also available to men. Apart from, perhaps, a prenatal massage!

Whether the men in your life are under a lot of stress and looking for a bit of time out, or just might be interested in keeping starting up a new self-care or grooming routine, there are options available for everyone. But with a multitude of different treatments, how will you know what to pick? To help you out, we’ve curated a selection of treatments that the man in your life will love.

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Body Massages

For the sports enthusiast or the individual working long days under stress and strain, a massage is the perfect choice to soothe the body and calm the mind. There are a variety of types to choose from, whether you think he’d enjoy a full body massage, a treatment focusing just on the head, neck or shoulders, or a targeted sports massage to deal with aches and injuries associated with exercise. Deep tissue massages in particular release fascia and tension from the muscles, ensuring better blood flow around the body.

One treatment that is popular with both men and women is the lava shell massage. A blissfully relaxing full body massage with shells that have a natural, biodegradable heat technology. The massage targets key pressure points and tension areas to ease stress and stiffness and leaves individuals feeling deeply relaxed, recharged, and revived.

Advanced Facials

For the man who likes to look after his appearance and maybe hasn’t been to the spa before, a facial treatment is a fantastic choice for a treat. It’s relaxing without being too full on, plus, an advanced facial will give a level of effectiveness that everyone wants (and needs). They’ll walk out feeling fresher, more youthful, and maybe even surprised by what they see in the mirror!

A large number of men still use very little on their faces in the way of moisturiser, cleansers, oils, and other beauty products traditionally more focused on women and, as such, this is the type of treatment where they will really see a big difference afterwards. Even more so because men actually have higher levels of testosterone, which cause skin to secrete more oil and cause oiliness, clogged pores, and more.

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Mud Therapy

For the more adventurous man who wants to try a treatment that’s fun and a bit different, a Rasul mud therapy experience really fits the bill. Generally offered as a couple’s treatment or for groups of friends, this Arabian treatment combines mud, herbs, steam, and showers to work on mind, body, and soul. The treatment starts with the self-application of different coloured mineral muds, for all different areas of the body and with different degrees of exfoliation. The colours are influenced by the mineral content and are completely natural. Mineral salts are also provided for you to apply over the muds on selected areas.

Once the mud is applied, you relax on heated mosaic ‘chairs’ while the room gently fills with herbal steam. As you perspire the mud’s natural ingredients absorb the toxins from the body to aid the detoxifying and exfoliating process. The ceremony closes with a tropical rain shower from a star-lit ceiling to wash away the mud and you can cover yourself in Badeol oil to replenish moisture. You emerge with baby soft skin and feeling incredibly relaxed. It’s the perfect stress-relieving treatment for men and women!

Hands and Feet  

While it may seem like a rather minor treatment, having your hands and feet prepped and pampered can be a great way to feel good about yourself. Hands are some of the first things you notice about a person, and so having a manicure can be a great thing to add to a grooming routine. It’s a treatment that’s really popular with office workers, managers, executives, and sales teams for example. Wherever a good handshake is an important part of the day really! In contrast, feet may be rarely seen, but they’re also very rarely tended to, making them one of those limbs that need some extra TLC.

As part of manicure and pedicure treatments, hands and feet are exfoliated and moisturised and nails are carefully nurtured. Oh, and polish is completely optional! It’s surprising the difference it can make and will leave individuals feeling seriously groomed.

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