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Author: Justine Paul – Suffolk Market Events

As much as I love the heat of summer, there is something magical about the change in season especially as we head into autumn. The temperature has started to drop over the last few days and the evenings are starting to draw in. Although I am personally more a ‘ summer ‘ person than a winter one, I do believe that we are programmed to adapt to the change in season and, as Autumn starts to approach, I realise that I am enjoying the subtle signs that nature is changing all around.

Since getting involved in farmers’ markets, nearly ten years ago, I have become very aware of seasonal produce and I find myself looking forward to February and mussels, March and wild garlic, elderflowers and asparagus in June, samphire in July and those gorgeous autumn mushrooms in October. In fact I am somewhat food obsessed and I tend to see the months in ingredients rather than birthdays! And so as the season turns, I think more re about the produce that this region is so rich in. We live in an area where food does, literally, hang off the hedgerows and whenever I get out for a walk I find myself day dreaming about all sorts of terrific feasts! I think it is this natural curiosity in food married with a simple, yet deeply rooted love of the countryside that makes the running of my farmers markets so enjoyable.

Mince Pies

An abundance of sloes glistening in the autumn sunshine is always a welcome sight; I can’t resist the temptation of picking them, sprinkling them with barley sugar and immersing them in lashings of Adnams gin in preparation for Christmas Sloe Gin.

Pheasants and partridge are appearing out of the hedges, looking plump and ready for the Game Season when frosty mornings, misty skies and muddy fields means only thing – the shooting season has started. Cock pheasants, very regal looking creatures they may be, but just as beautiful roasted with a dash of white wine, mushrooms and roast potatoes! And those voluptuous cooking apples falling from the branches reminding us all that it’s time to begin baking that autumn crumble.

But if the idea of tramping across muddy fields and pricking your fingers on brambles doesn’t appeal, then it will be a relief for you to hear that you can buy all of these delicious ingredients directly from the producer at any of the Farmers’ Markets run by Suffolk Market Events.

Over thirty local producers attend all our markets throughout the year selling locally grown vegetables, free range pork, beef & lamb, homemade jams and chutneys, fresh venison, Suffolk apple juice, homemade pates, terrines and cakes, local honey, award winning bread and real ales. Whatever you buy, it will have been grown, baked, brewed or butchered by the person selling it to you so you can find out all about your bounty’s provenance and nothing will have further than thirty miles to be at the market.

Autumn in Suffolk, for me? It’s all about the food!

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Suffolk Market Events
Justine Paul at Suffolk Market Events runs award winning farmers’ markets and is the current holder of BBC Radio 4 Best Food Market in Suffolk. In 2015 she won Suffolk’s Food Hero Award and this year Lavenham farmers’ market was named as one of the Top 20 best markets by The Daily Telegraph. Justine has a passion for local food, for supporting local producers and for supporting her community. She has reconnected local people with locally produced food right on their doorstep.
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