The Dummies’ Guide to Drinking Water

I drink a lot of water. People do ask if it’s because I work in Peake and am therefore surrounded by elements of health (be it personal trainers, physiotherapists or the tantalising allure of free gym classes), but no, I do it because I’ve made it a habit. I know the positive impact it has on my health.

In Peake Spa we really do encourage visitors, members and employees alike to drink water. We even flavour our drinking water with fruits – it’s so yummy, you need to try it!


Couple drinking water from bottles
Water droplet and ripple
Bottled water

Anyway, drinking water is such a simple step to leading a healthier lifestyle that I couldn’t resist jotting down just a few reasons why you should drink it just a bit more.

You’re 60-70% water

Think of fueling your body like adding ingredients to a recipe. Get the measurements wrong and the end result ranges between ‘bad’ and ‘catastrophic’! So by drinking more water, you’re keeping your body’s balances right for that perfect end result.

Drinking water often can improve the colour and texture of your skin.

Headache Prevention

One of the main reasons we suffer from headaches (and hangovers) is due to dehydration. Upping your daily water intake could mean you suffer fewer headaches as a result of being properly hydrated, easing your stress and keeping you focused.

Calorie Control

It’s easy to confuse thirst for hunger, and often means we eat when we should drink. If you pre-empt this by drinking regularly throughout the day, you’ll recognise true hunger when it strikes!

It makes your skin glow

Our skin is the largest organ in our body – and it contains plenty of water! Drinking water often can improve the colour and texture of your skin. It also helps with regulating the body’s temperature through sweating.

Helps your mental state

Water keeps you sharp. Dehydration can cause ‘brain fog’, a state of forgetfulness, confusion and lack of focus. It basically feels like you just can’t concentrate – proper and regular hydration is the remedy!

These are just a handful of the impressive benefits of regularly drinking water. So stay hydrated – your body will thank you for it!

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