Dig out your Fitbit, Technogym’s ‘Mywellness Cloud’ is here!

Here at Peake Fitness, we love wearable technology, whether it’s a Fitbit, a Garmin device or even an Apple Watch, if it measures and encourages progress towards an individual’s fitness goals, then we are game!

Wearable technology has really taken the fitness industry by storm in recent years, for example there were over 13 million (yes that’s million!) users of wearable health and fitness devices and apps in the UK alone in 2015.

Fitness app - sport watch

We’ve invested £250,000 into the club facilities, including an exercise management software from Technogym’s Wellness System to the ‘Mywellness Cloud’; which is the first and only open exercise management platform that allows members to store and view all of the information and data collected from their third-party fitness apps and devices in one location. We believe the technology behind Mywellness Cloud is really going to enable you to go much further with your workouts.

You’ll compete against other members of the gym…

So, if your Fitbit is collecting dust on the bedside table and you think the novelty has worn off, now is the time to recharge and get wearing again!

There are some amazing apps available on the platform, here are just a few of my favourites:


The challenge app allows me and my team to create Peake Fitness challenges which you can choose to take part in. You’ll compete against other members of the gym and each month we’ll announce the winners.

This is a fantastic feature, especially for competitive individuals. It’s a great way to push you that little bit further in your workouts knowing that you want to beat your friends and other members to the top spot!


The prescribe app allows me and my team to quickly and easily create personalised programmes for you to follow throughout your workout. It will guide you through the entire session and collate all the data allowing us to help you analyse the results and work on improving your programme.

This is perfect for all users regardless of fitness or skill level, the bespoke programmes ensure your workout is going to help you ensure you achieve your fitness goals.


This app allows us to help create the perfect programme for you, simply by answering a few questions in a questionnaire, we can use this information to assess your deepest training motivations and identify the right programme to help you achieve your goals.

All of these features (and many more) can be used in conjunction with some of the latest Technogym equipment featured in the gym including:

  • SKILLMILL – inspired by athletes, this unique solution will enable you to improve power, speed, stamina and agility.
  • EXCITE Climb – perfect for climbers of any skill and ability.
  • Dual Adjustable Pulley – a state of the art cable station, great for maximising strength and power.
  • OMNIA 3 – the world’s most versatile functional training concept.
  • ARTIS Run – a treadmill with state-of-the-art technology.
  • EXCITE CROSSOVER – works to engage multiple muscle groups to intensify a cardio workout.
This is going to completely change our member’s mentality…

Gone are the days when you simply measure how many steps you’ve done in a particular day. This is going to completely change our member’s mentality when they are in the gym; being able to manage their lifestyle and workout regime inside and outside of the gym in one place, will make it easier than ever to achieve personal fitness goals.

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