A Countryside Stay in the Winter…

Now summer is coming to an end, have you thought of your winter break yet? As the days become shorter, the nights draw in, the temperature drops and the frost makes an appearance, it’s time to discover the beauty of nature this winter. But why a countryside stay you ask, well let me tell you why they are so great!

The Countryside is beautiful and FREE

Firstly, make sure when you’re looking for a winter break, you can venture through the frosty countryside and get a feel for the crisp clean air.

Did you know: Fresh air produces a healthy mind and clean lungs!

Not only is the countryside beautiful and the air is fresh in the winter season, but it’s also free! Make the most of winter walks and grab the binoculars and watch out for wildlife on the way.

Baby its cold outside!

Although we always hope our shoes will be crunching frosted leaves and grass, pack your wellies it could get muddy or it could start to snow (even better!). Either way, at least with warm thick socks, wellies and a jacket you can enjoy the day out comfortably.

Keep the kids curious

The countryside is a naturally creative place for the kids, why not create a nature book they can keep to remember their winter break? Grab a camera, pencils, glue and a notepad and collect different leaves, twigs and winter flowers, then simply glue them in the notepad with pictures – that’s enough to keep them busy for a whole weekend.

Cosy evenings warming up by the fire…

After a country walk there is nothing better than to cosy up next to the fire with a hot chocolate or even a nice glass of wine.

Did you know: A study shows modern day humans have adopted the relaxing effect of a fire just like prehistoric times when Stone Age man bonded around a fire!

Or relax and unwind with a candle lit bath instead if you’re not partial to sitting round a fire – having your own space on your winter break is still just as important.

Frosty mornings

What’s better than waking up in a cosy warm bed, whilst the frost has settled over night? But to make those mornings even better, take in the scenery whilst rustling up Chef, Alan Paton’s signature Perfect Pancakes.

Did you know: There are five types of frost: ground frost, air frost, hoar frost, glaze and rime.

If you like the sound of a stay in the country, our Country Lodges are available all year round and sleep from 2 – 12 people.

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