Tips and Tricks for a Smashing Corporate or Charity Golf Day

Organising a Corporate or Charity Golf Day can be a challenge and then some. Think: hitting the 17th green at TPC Sawgrass!

First things first, you need a venue that can supply it all – golf courses (of course!), catering, meeting rooms and rooms for private dining. The last thing you want is to be worrying about the logistics of ferrying people around when you could be enjoying a social day of golfing with colleagues, clients, friends or a mix of all three.

…a challenge and then some. Think: hitting the 17th green at TPC Sawgrass!

To help you with the first hurdles associated with organising your day, we’ve developed a quick checklist.

  1. 1. Choose your venue: do they meet all your needs? Important note: not all golf clubs allow use of their course for a full day so be sure to check.
  2. 2. Build a relationship with your Contact/Organiser at the venue. They will help you build your schedule for the day so they’ll need numbers of golfers.
  3. 3. Decide on catering: will you want breakfast, lunch and dinner? If so, at what times?
  4. 4. Don’t forget the detail!
    • When do you want to organise check-in?
    • Will they have individual tee times or will it be a shotgun start?
    • Will your players need use of the Driving Range before play?
    • Will companies pay for buggy hire or individual participants?
    • Will you organise entertainment for the evening’s prize-giving ceremony?

Please note that this is far from an exhaustive list. Don’t get me wrong, each golf day is unique and you will have some specifications that another organiser might not, but it is important to make sure you know what you need in order to make your day a success.

Remember I’m always around the Golf corridor or the ProShop if you want to run an idea past me regarding your corporate or charity golf day. Look forward to our chat!

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