5 Reasons to book a Christmas Break

So you’re looking to spend Christmas away from the hustle and bustle at home? Well, although it’s not everyone’s first choice…you can have just as much fun, or even more with the family whilst on a Christmas Break! Here are a few reasons why you should consider a festive break away from home…

Christmas Tree baubles and lights

More time for family fun…

Although you will be spending time with your loved ones whilst celebrating at home, you still have a lot to do which means cutting family time out! With no hosting or food preparation by getting up early in the morning and not to mention the food shopping, there is plenty more time to spend with the family – which is what the true meaning of Christmas is all about!

No cooking, no cleaning

Yes, I said it NO cooking or cleaning! No more preparing for the rest of your guests and making sure you make the perfect Christmas dinner (a stressful experience)! Instead, have a relaxing Christmas – with the added bonus of no washing up to do. But the biggest benefit of all is getting your food prepared by professional chefs – which means you get a delicious dinner in return!

As families increase in size, the ability to fit everyone in your house on Christmas day becomes challenging...

Unforgettable memories!

Routine Christmases at home may not be as memorable as spending Christmas in a completely different location!

By being out of the norm, especially around Christmas time you might try new things you might not have done at home. Such as, relaxing by the pool or Jacuzzi or watching live entertainment –   which makes it an all-round memorable Christmas!

More room for everyone

We’ve all been there, 10 of you cramped around the dining room table which usually only seats 6. As families increase in size, the ability to fit everyone in your house on Christmas day becomes challenging. Enjoying Christmas in a hotel, or lodge means there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Central place to meet

Families are sometimes so wide spread it’s hard to get everyone to the same location, by having a central place for everyone to meet; it can make it easier to get more family involved in the festivities of Christmas!

If you’re looking for some inspiration in to the type of Christmas breaks you can book, our festive breaks are full of fun and cheer for all the family including entertainment, lots of delicious food and stunning scenery.

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