With space saving being one of our main considerations when re-designing Peake Fitness, we have discovered great piece of equipment which will appeal to a wide range of our members, especially those that love their functional training.

OMNIA 3 is the world's most versatile functional training concept offering an effective and varied training solution to those that love to mix it up and test their fitness. Accompanied with a wide range of attachments such as free bar, punch bag, battle ropes and suspension straps that each clip easily to its frame. You can also use the chin up bar to maximise your back workout. 

This piece of equipment is one you can enjoy either on your own or with your friends in a small group training session. Our staff will be on hand to facilitate small group training on the OMNIA 3, just ask a member of the team about booking one in.

Why Chris (Peake Fitness Manager) loves this…  “Purely down to its versatility and variety of attachments – never get bored with the OMNIA 3!”