We’re bidding farewell to the traditional stepper and introducing the EXCITE Climb, a cardiovascular solution that will forever change the nature of stair climbing. With its unique ‘split step’ technology we expect this to be one of the most sought after pieces of cardio kit on the gym floor.
EXCITE Climb will challenge the body over a number of areas – without cheating. This piece of equipment is idea for all kinds of goals, with dedicated programming to improve muscle tone, strength, calorie burn, fat loss and more.
EXCITE Climb is so much more than just stair climbing, it can also be used for advanced personal training exercises such as jumping squats, side steps and plyometric work. This is an all-rounder that will keep the body guessing.
Why Chris (Peake Fitness Manager) loves this…
“Not only a fantastic cardio vascular machine, this product is designed to also activate big muscle groups in your legs such as Glutes and Quads for that all-round leg shaping machine. Want luscious legs – get climbing”