Getting covered in mud has never been so much fun!

The Rasul Mud Therapy is an ancient exotic treatment combining mineral muds and a heated chamber – a fun experience for couples or groups of friends...

Looking for a treatment that’s a little different? Paint your face warrior-style, draw designs and spell out words on your friends and family – all’s fair with this fun and totally interactive spa treatment that is unique to Peake Spa. And because our signature Rasul can be enjoyed by up to four people, it makes the perfect experience for groups of friends or couples! Try it for yourself!

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Rasul Mud Therapy is a traditional Arabian cleansing ritual that starts with the self-application of different coloured mineral muds, for all different areas of the body, all with different degrees of exfoliation. Once the muds are applied, you relax on heated mosaic chairs while the Rasul Suite gently fills with herbal steam. As you perspire, the mud’s natural ingredients absorb the toxins from your body.

The Rasul Mud Therapy experience also makes a perfect gift! Visit our online shop to buy this fantastic experience as a gift today. 


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