Improve your Game with Gapping

Want to save shots without changing your swing? Or do you often find yourself not sure of what club to hit? Then our innovative distance gapping sessions are just the ticket at only £30 a session*!

Join our PGA Professionals at the driving range for a one-to-one golf session that can transform your game without hours of practice. How far we hit each club is something that every golfer should know, and yet most don't.

So what happens in a distance gapping session?

Using the latest es-14 launch monitor, our professional coaches work with you to find out how far on average you can hit each of your clubs. Once you have this data you will not only have a better understanding of which clubs to use for which holes, but also know where you have gaps in your golfing hardware. You will be provided with you unique bag tag giving you your exact yardages of your hitting distances.

Interested? Get in touch on 01206 265812 or email

*Sessions are 45 minutes long and would be enough to cover all your clubs.

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